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At PCMaster Pro we strive to offer our clients the most valuable managed services for a lower monthly fee.

Managed Antivirus

We've recently partnered with the award winning Anti-Malware solution Emsisoft to provide a Managed Antivirus solution for our clients.


On top of the Anti-Malware/Antivirus service, we also offer Monitoring service, which allows our technicians to keep an eye out for problems with client machines, and proactively help them before things get too nasty. Our clients love this service because they know they have a direct line to a tech they can trust.

Windows Patch Management

Patch Management allows for technicians to automatically keep their clients’ Windows operating system and 3rd party applications up to date and install new programs. Patch Management is not a separate upgrade and is part of Monitoring and Completely FREE of charge.

Application Patch Management

Patch Management also has the ability to install new applications to the device. We know that our client's time is valuable, so we offer this service completely FREE of charge and what's make it great service is it is a remote service, meaning that there is no need for our clients to bring their device to our store, our technicians will help them out remotely.