Free In-Store Diagnostics

We offer free In-store diagnostics on all your devices


IT Services

Our PCMaster Pro experts are fully trained & experienced in all managed IT Services!


Screen Repair

Whether it's your phone, laptop or your personal computer, we have the best solutions to all of your screen issues!


Smartphone Repair

PCMaster Pro professionals are experience in solving any issues your phone has to throw at us.


Apple Repair

From IMac & Macbook to iPhones we're expert in repairing all things apple!


No Fix - No Pay

You name it we've solved it and if we don’t, it's no cost to you!

Broken Glass Repair

Mac & PC Repair 

Phone Unlocking

Tablet Repair

Water Damage Repair

Iphone & Android Recovery


Tired of waiting around?

Most PCMaster Pro fixes can be completed in around 30 min, for the more in depth cases we will call you and let you know your device is ready to go!

Why we are different

The experts at PCMaster Pro are experienced in a wide variety of technology repairs. From Smartphones to PC's and IMacs, we get your devices working quickly and correctly!

Our Skills

Top notch customer service

Laptop/Mac Repair

Desktop Repair

Smartphone Repair

Apple Repair

Data Recovery

Water Damage Repair

Free On-site Diagnosis

Motherboard/Logic Board Repair

Screen Replacement

RAM & Hard Drive Upgrades

Virus Removal 

Physical Detailing